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Custom Architectural Millwork Design Services

D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs

Renowned for their award-winning, scrupulous attention to exquisite customized architectural interior details D'Alessio architectural design services create one-of-a-kind crafted luxury interiors.

The company headed by master home-designer Andrea D'Alessio, Jr. is nationally recognized for authentic historic, period and outstanding architectural interior millwork design. As a national award-winning firm, D'Alessio is pleased to choose White River Hardwoods as a strategic partner because of their ability to offer a wide range of traditional, customized architectural millwork products in precise period detail, proportion and scale that meet their clients' high aesthetic demands. Some of D'Alessio's most recent projects using White River Hardwoods are featured below.

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White River Hardwoods

A leading manufacturer of elegant hardwood mouldings White River Hardwoods' Ornamentally Embossed™ and handcarved woodcarvings including Mon Reale® highly sculptured mouldings as well as Authentic Handcarved® and Adornments for Cabinetry and Furniture™ is a preferred supplier for D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs' millwork design services.

In addition to an extensive product selection, White River Hardwoods trademark ornamental mouldings, inspired by classical designs are functional with meticulous attention paid to handcrafted historical motif integrity. White River's beautiful mouldings and architectural woodcarvings allow D'Alessio design's artistic authenticity adding elegance and refinement for larger build-ups creating unique one-of-a-kind interior design.

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The White River Hardwoods design collaboration with D'Alessio offer a wide range of millwork design services from preliminary sketches and elevations to 3-D drawings and CAD for residential and commercial projects. Large or small, single room to whole projects and renovations, traditional customized millwork designs from initial concepts, and build-ups to full estimating are customized to clients' specific needs.

Expected Costs and Fees

  • Hourly Rate for All Design Services & Travel Time. Rate is based on project scope
  • Average investment for Initial Site Consultation — $5,000, which includes airfare, travel time, lodging, meals and jobsite time.
  • Design Services are pre-paid and based on requested services.

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D'Alessio - Inspired Architectural Designs

As a design and manufacturing innovator of elegant mouldings and handcarved woodcarvings White River Hardwoods, an industry leader utilizes D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs award-winning Inspired Millwork Design Services to expedite projects from concept to completion for customers — architects, designers, builders, cabinetmakers, and homeowners — nationally across the country. The design partnership between White River Hardwoods and D'Alessio Inspired Millwork Design Services will take your ideas and transform them into an interior of your dreams.

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